Why MadNic Construction?

We are commercial construction specialists. As businesses move into the greater Austin area with increasing frequency, our expertise in the construction of retail, office, industrial, and multi-family sites is crucial. We work with engineers and designers to best meet your needs and provide you with cost estimates, negotiated pricing, and detailed plans for your construction project.

During the pre-construction process, we provide several options and services including:


Before we start any construction project, we give you a solid estimate of how much your scope of work will cost and how long we think the process might take.


Once we’ve completed an estimate, we will work out a budget plan with you, which includes construction materials, labor fees, and schedules.


Each project is unique, and that is why we will help you choose the best structural, mechanical, electrical, and finish materials for your specific construction needs. We will highlight the options that are best for you and your project, show you why certain materials will work for some projects but not others, and discuss the benefits of each option.


Getting behind schedule doesn’t help anyone, which is why we develop a schedule that maximizes efficiency. We want your project to be finished on time –if not sooner.