Your construction partner in Texas.

Serving as a general contractor in Austin, Texas since 2009, MadNic Construction has created multiple residential and commercial properties in the greater Austin area. Our project managers and superintendents are committed to the success of our clients and have completed custom homes, apartment complexes, condominiums, steel buildings, and land development. MadNic's construction teams in Austin are well versed in all facets of residential and commercial construction.


With over 60 years of construction experience, MadNic Construction offers more than just a name to our projects – we provide the expertise and attention other companies lack.

We provide residential construction and commercial construction services from the ground up, ensuring dependable structures for years to come. With the high demand for residential and multi-family units, MadNic Construction can provide all of your construction needs.


With the growing demand for eco-friendly buildings, MadNic Construction looks to build every project to your standards using recycled and sustainable materials. We strive to be environmentally-conscious during the residential or commercial construction process by allocating time and resources to reduce waste in every one of our projects. As an Austin construction company, we have a responsibility to build better buildings for everyone. 

We take pride in having an open communication policy with all of our clients to ensure complete satisfaction. We provide site visits and a work warranty upon project completion so that customers know they're getting everything they expected. We look forward to working with you in the future.


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904 West

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Towns on Cumberland


Pease Place

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